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Tee type adapters

Konnect RF adapters are available in female, male, jack, plug and genderless. They are available in 50, 75, 78 or 95 ohm impedance. We also offer standard polarity and reverse polarity adapters. Our adapters are also available in a variety of geometries such as straight adapters, right angle adapters, radius right angle adapters, swept adapters. Lastly, Konnect RF offers brass RF adapters, passivated stainless steel RF adapters, as well as hermetic, bulkhead and 2 or 4 hole flange versions of RF adapters.

Konnect RF ships all of our products from our facility that is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Konnect RF offers a broad inventory of RF and microwave components, as well as cable assemblies. Expert technical support and friendly personnel are always here to assist you with RF adapter questions. ( , 1-800-790-5887)

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