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Power Dividers

Coaxial RF power dividers, also known as RF splitters, are devices that are used to divide an incoming RF signal into multiple output signals. They are commonly used in a variety of applications, such as telecommunications, radio frequency (RF) testing and measurement, and RF distribution systems.

One of the most basic types of coaxial RF power dividers is the two-way splitter. As the name suggests, this type of splitter divides the incoming RF signal into two equal output signals. This type of splitter is typically used in applications where two antennas or RF receivers need to share a common RF source.

Konnect RF manufactures a complete line of RF Power Dividers including 2 way power dividers, 3 way power dividers, 4 way power dividers, 5 way power dividers, 6 way power dividers, 8 way power dividers, 9 way power dividers, 10 way power dividers, 11 way power dividers, 12 way power dividers, 16 way power dividers, and even 32 way power dividers.

In addition to the standard power dividers, there are also directional power dividers. These types of power dividers are designed to divide the incoming RF signal into two or more output signals, but with different power levels. This type of splitter is commonly used in applications where one antenna or RF receiver needs to receive a stronger signal than the others.

Another type of coaxial RF power divider is the hybrid power divider. This type of splitter is a combination of a two-way splitter and a three-way splitter. This type of splitter is commonly used in applications where a signal needs to be divided into two equal output signals, and one of the output signals needs to be divided into two additional signals.

Konnect RF ships all of our products from our facility that is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Konnect RF offers a broad inventory of RF and microwave components, as well as cable assemblies. Expert technical support and friendly personnel are always here to assist you with RF power divider questions. ( , 1-800-790-5887)

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