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Konnect RF manufactures a complete line of RF isolators. Our RF isolators come in a variety of connector series including SMA isolators, type N isolators, 2.92 isolators, SSMA isolators, drop in isolators and more. We can manufacture RF Isolators to meet any frequency range and power requirement that your project has.

RF isolators are devices that are used in radio frequency (RF) systems to prevent the transmission of RF signals in one direction while allowing them to pass in the opposite direction.

There are two main types of RF isolators: magnetic and electronic. Magnetic isolators use a ferrite material to create a barrier for RF signals, while electronic isolators use active or passive components to achieve the same effect. Both types of isolators are highly effective at preventing RF signals from passing through in one direction, while allowing them to pass in the opposite direction.

One of the main advantages of using RF isolators is that they help to prevent interference between different RF systems. By using RF isolators, the signals from one system can be prevented from entering the other system, thus reducing the risk of interference and improving the overall performance of both systems.

Another advantage of RF isolators is that they can be used to improve the efficiency of RF systems. When RF signals pass through an isolator, they experience less loss than they would if they were passing through other types of components. This means that the signals can travel further and be received more clearly, which can improve the overall performance of the system.

Konnect RF ships all of our products from our facility that is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Konnect RF offers a broad inventory of RF and microwave components, as well as cable assemblies. Expert technical support and friendly personnel are always here to assist you with RF isolator questions. ( , 1-800-790-5887)

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