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Fixed Attenuators

Konnect RF- RF (radio frequency) attenuators are passive devices that are used to reduce the amplitude of a signal without significantly distorting its shape. They are commonly used in radio frequency (RF) and microwave circuits to adjust the level of signal input and output, protect sensitive equipment from damage, and perform other functions.

Fixed RF attenuators are typically used in applications where a fixed level of attenuation is required. They are used in situations where the input signal level is known and does not vary over time. For example, in a telecommunications system, a fixed attenuator may be used to reduce the level of an incoming signal to protect sensitive equipment downstream.

Konnect RF fixed attenuators are offered in male and female genders and bi-directional or directional geometries. Our RF attenuators are manufactured from high quality aluminum, stainless steel or nickel plated brass.

Konnect RF ships all of our products from our facility that is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Konnect RF offers a broad inventory of RF and microwave components, as well as cable assemblies. Expert technical support and friendly personnel are always here to assist you with RF attenuator questions. ( , 1-800-790-5887)

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